Weather Report – Black Market (1976)

Black Market is the fifth studio album by multinational jazz-rock ensemble Weather Report, released in 1976 on Columbia Records.

A1. “Black Market” (6:30)
A2. “Cannon Ball” (4:35)
A3. “Gibraltar” (7:45)
B1. “Elegant People” (5:02)
B2. “Three Clowns” (3:14)
B3. “Barbary Coast” (3:05)
B4. “Herandnu” (6:35)

Joe Zawinul — synthesizer, rhodes electric piano, grand piano, producer, orchestration, writer
Wayne Shorter — soprano saxophone, tenor saxophone, Lyricon, co-producer, writer
Jaco Pastorius — bass, writer
Chester Thompson — drums
Alejandro Neciosup Acuna — congas, percussion
Narada Michael Walden — drums
Alphonso Johnson — bass, writer
Don Alias — congas, percussion

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