Wazmo Nariz ‎– Things Aren’t Right (1979)

Things Aren’t Right is the first of two albums by Midwest New Wave eccentric Wazmo Nariz, released in 1979 on IRS.

A1. “The Mind Is Willing, But the Flesh Is Week” (3:14)
A2. “Who Does It Hurt?” (2:14)
A3. “Luncheonette Lovers” (1:56)
A4. “Stubbies” (2:33)
A5. “Plunger” (2:52)
A6. “Deeply” (5:59)
B1. “Checking Out the Checkout Girl” (2:35)
B2. “This Is Your Elbow” (3:16)
B3. “The Oven” (2:52)
B4. “Lips” (0:00)
B5. “Germ Proof Cleaners” (2:02)
B6. “Al’s Radiator” (2:58)

Bass – James E. McGreevy III
Drums – Bruce Zelesnik
Guitar, Backing Vocals – Jeff Hill
Keyboards – Jeff Boynton
Producer, Music By, Lyrics By – Wazmo Nariz

Engineer – Dave Neitzke (B4)
Engineer, Producer [Assistance] – John Pavletic
Mastered By – Bernie Grundman, Porky
Photography By – Michael Weinstein, Paul Natkin, Photo Reserve

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