Waterloo ‎– First Battle (1970)

First Battle is the singular album by Belgian art-pop/psych band Waterloo, released in 1970 on Vogue.

A1. “Meet Again” (3:03)
A2. “Why May I Not Know” (3:08)
A3. “Tumblin’ Jack” (2:35)
A4. “Black Born Children” (3:43)
A5. “Life” (2:47)
B1. “Problems” (3:00)
B2. “Why Don’t You Follow Me” (3:31)
B3. “Guy in the Neighbourhood” (2:55)
B4. “Lonesome Road” (2:50)
B5. “Diary of an Old Man” (10:59)

CD bonus tracks (from 1970 shortplayers):
11. “Plastic Mind” (4:26)
12. “Smile” (3:51)
13. “I Can’t Live With Nobody But You” (3:43)
14. “The Youngest Day” (7:34)
15. “Bobo’s Dream” (4:59)
16. “Bad Time” (3:21)

Bass – Jean-Paul Janssens (A1 to 12), Jean-Paul Musette (13 to 16)
Drums – Jacky Mauer
Guitar – Gus Roan
Lead Vocals, Flute – Dirk Bogaert
Organ – Frank Wuyts (13 to 16), Marc Malyster (A1 to 12)
Saxophone – John Van Rymenant (13 to 16)

Producer – Jean Martin
Executive-Producer [Re-release] – Alain Robert, Bernard Gueffier, Francis Grosse
Artwork, Layout – Alain Robert
Front Cover – Shorty

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