Wang Chung ‎– Huang Chung (1982)

Huang Chung is the debut album by the namesake English New Wave/art-pop combo, released in 1982 on Arista. Soon after this release, the band altered its name to “Wang Chung” and the album has since been ascribed to the better-known nameplate.

A1. “Ti Na Na” (4:24)
A2. “Hold Back the Tears” (4:05)
A3. “I Never Want to Love You in a Half Hearted Way” (3:12)
A4. “Straight from My Heart” (2:46)
A5. “Dancing” (4:35)
B1. “Chinese Girls” (2:48)
B2. “Why Do You Laugh” (4:00)
B3. “China” (3:24)
B4. “I Can’t Sleep” (3:15)
B5. “Rising in the East” (5:25)

Bass, Percussion, Vocals – Nick De Spig
Drums, Percussion, Vocals – Darwin
Guitar, Lead Vocals, Piano – Jack Hues
Saxophone, Percussion, Vocals – Hogg

Design – Steve Joule
Design [Logo Design] – Alex Feldman
Engineer [Basing St.] – Nigel Mills, Stuart Henderson
Engineer [Jam Studios] – Dave Bellotti
Management – Andy Hilton, Ged Doherty
Mastered By – Roger Bechirian
Other [Invaluable Assistance] – David Massay, Sarah Lubel, Vikki Pepys
Photography By [Photos] – Fin Costello
Producer – Rhett Davis (A1 to A5, B4, B5), Roger Bechirian (B1 to B3), Tim Friese-Green (A6)

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