Vulcain ‎– Rock’n’Roll Secours (1984)

Rock’n’Roll Secours is the debut album by French metal band Vulcain, released in 1984 on Devil’s Records.

A1. “Ebony” (3:24)
A2. “Le King” (3:20)
A3. “Les damnés” (4:05)
A4. “Pile ou face” (2:04)
A5. “Rock ‘n’ Roll Secours” (4:46)
A6. “La digue du cul” (1:18)
B1. “Le fils de Lucifer” (5:03)
B2. “Vulcain / L’enfer” (6:59)
B3. “Overdose” (2:44)
B4. “Bosser” (3:27)

Daniel Puzio — lead vocals, lead guitar
Didier Lohezic — rhythm guitar, backing vocals
Vincent Puzio — bass, backing vocals
Franck Vilatte — drums

Chris “Snoopy” Penycate — sound engineer
Elie Benali — artistic director
J.M. & E. Simon — artwork

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