Von Zamla ‎– Zamlaranamma (1982)

Zamlaranamma is the first of two albums by Von Zamla, the successor band to Zamla Mammaz Manna with carryovers Lars Hollmer and Eino Haapala alongside Albert Marcoeur-sideman Denis Brely. The album was released in 1982 on Urspår.

A1. “Harujänta” (7:48)
A2. “Rainbox” (3:13)
A3. “Doppler” (4:33)
A4. “Clandestine” (5:44)
A5. “Temporal You Are” (4:33)
B1. “Original 13 11” (4:44)
B2. “Ten Tango” (5:40)
B3. “Antsong” (5:11)
B4. “Tail of Antsong” (2:03)

Lars Hollmer — piano, organ, synthesizer, accordion, glockenspiel, percussion, voice, mixing
Eino Haapala — guitar, bass, mandolin, cello, percussion, voice, mixing
Denis Brely — bassoon, oboe, baritone saxophone, flute, voice
Jan Garret — bass pedals, guitar, percussion, voice

Tomas Gabrielsson — mixing
Kalle Eriksson — trumpet

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