Volker Kriegel – Lift! (1973)

Lift! is the fourth album by German jazz-rock guitarist Volker Kriegel, released in 1973 on MPS.

A1. “Lift!” (6:54)
A2. “Three or Two for One” (6:07)
A3. “Forty Colours” (3:26)
A4. “A Piece With a Chord From a Yorkshire Terrier” (6:05)
B1. “Electric Blue” (8:55)
B2. “The Lame Donkey” (2:40)
B3. “Between the Seasons” (4:38)
B4. “Blue Titmouse” (3:55)

Volker Kriegel — electric guitar, acoustic guitar, producer, mixing
Stan Sulzmann — soprano saxophone, flute
Zbigniew Seifert — electric violin
John Taylor — electric piano
Eberhard Weber — bass, cello, electric bass, bass guitar, mixing
Cees See — percussion
John Marshall — drums

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