Volker Kriegel ‎– Inside: Missing Link (1972)

Inside: Missing Link is an album by German jazz-rock guitarist Volker Kriegel, released in 1972 on MPS.

A1. “Slums on Wheels” (13:24)
A2. “The “E” Again” (6:36)
B1. “Zanzibar” (10:22)
B2. “Missing Link” (12:03)
C1. “Fur Hector” (5:45)
C2. “Remis” (4:26)
C3. “Tarang” (10:00)
D1. “Lastic Plemon” (5:21)
D2. “Janellas Abertas” (4:09)
D3. “Plonk Whenever” (4:06)
D4. “Definitely Suspicious” (5:55)
D5. “Finale” (0:10)

Acoustic Guitar, Electric Guitar, Sitar, Producer – Volker Kriegel
Bass, Electric Bass, Bass Guitar – Eberhard Weber
Drums – John Marshall (A1 to B2), Peter Baumeister (C1 to D5)
Electric Piano [Electra] – John Taylor
Flute, Percussion, Voice, Effects – Cees See
Soprano Saxophone, Tenor Saxophone – Alan Skidmore
Tenor Saxophone – Heinz Sauer
Trombone, Supervised By – Albert Mangelsdorff

Engineer – Klaus D. Stingel
Cover Design – Günther Kieser
Arranged By – Volker Kriegel (A1 to C2, D1 to D5)

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