Voïvod ‎– War and Pain (1984)

War and Pain is the first proper studio album by Quebecois thrash-metal band Voïvod, released in 1984 on Metal Blade.

Iron Side
A1. “Voïvod” (4:16)
A2. “Warriors of Ice” (5:04)
A3. “Suck Your Bone” (3:30)
A4. “Iron Gang” (4:15)
A5. “War and Pain” (4:55)
Blower Side
B1. “Blower” (2:42)
B2. “Live for Violence” (5:11)
B3. “Black City” (5:08)
B4. “Nuclear War” (7:01)

Snake — vocals, lyrics
Piggy — guitar, music
Blacky — bass, music
Away — drums, music, sleeve design, artwork

Voïvod — producer
Brian Slagel — executive producer
Guy Pedneault — recording engineer, mixing
Carol Charest — photography

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