Voïvod ‎– Dimension Hatröss (1988)

Dimension Hatröss is the fourth album by Quebecois metal band Voïvod, released in 1988 on Noise/Maze.

A1. “Experiment” (6:10)
A2. “Tribal Convictions” (4:52)
A3. “Chaosmöngers” (4:39)
A4. “Technocratic Manipulators” (4:35)
B1. “Macrosolutions to Megaproblems” (5:33)
B2. “Brain Scan” (5:08)
B3. “Psychic Vacuum” (3:49)
B4. “Cosmic Drama” (4:54)

Denis D’Amour — guitars
Jean-Yves Thériault — bass
Michel Langevin — drums
Denis Bélanger — vocals

Voivod — producer
Harris Johns — producer

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