Vita Nova ‎– Vita Nova (1971)

Vita Nova is the singular album by the namesake Austrian symphonic/psych combo, released in 1971 on Life Records.

A1. “Quomodo Manet” (4:50)
A2. “Vita Nova Inventions” (5:50)
A3. “Whirl Wind” (1:48)
A4. “Istanbul” (1:40)
A5. “Sylvester” (1:35)
A6. “Wildman” (1:50)
A7. “Inventions Finale” (0:52)
A8. “Heya-Cleya” (1:54)
B1. “Adoramus” (6:55)
B2. “Sunt alteri” (4:05)
B3. “Adoramus finale” (3:10)
B4. “Tempus est” (3:38)

CD reissue bonus tracks:
13. “Lacrimosa (Death of a World)” (5:22)
14. “Olymp 99” (2:52)

Drums, Percussion, Vocals – Chris Hoff
Electric Guitar [Electric 12-strings], Acoustic Guitar, Bass Guitar, Baglama [Turkish “Zaz”], Lead Vocals [Solo Vocals] – Ed Ugly-Ugly
Organ, Piano, Clavinet [Hohner], Percussion, Vocals – Sylvester Lysy

Producer, Arranged By – Vita Nova
Engineer – Jörg Scheuermann
Engineer [Assisted By] – Istvan Kovacs
Engineer [Church Organ Recording] – Isaak Gielczynski

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