Various Artists – Saturday Night Fever [OST] (1977)

Saturday Night Fever is the soundtrack album to the dramatic motion-picture of the same name, originally released in November 1977 as a two-LP set on RSO.

The first side consists of songs the Bee Gees had recorded for a half-finished followup album to Children of the World. One of these songs, “If I Can’t Have You,” is sung by Hawaiian vocalist Yvonne Elliman — the Barry Gibb-sung version was issued as the b-side of “Staying Alive” — while another, “More Than a Woman,” is duplicated by soul-pop combo the Tavares. Side two contains music recorded for the movie by soundtrack composer David Shire, plus pre-released strobe-light faves by Walter Murphy and Ralph McDonald. The second record compiles further dance-floor hits by M.F.S.B., The Trammps, Kool & the Gang, and K.C. and the Sunshine Band, in addition to the prior Bee Gees chart-toppers “Jive Talkin'” and “You Should Be Dancing.”

A1. Bee Gees — “Stayin’ Alive” (4:43)
A2. Bee Gees — “How Deep Is Your Love” (4:03)
A3. Bee Gees — “Night Fever” (3:33)
A4. Bee Gees — “More Than a Woman” (3:15)
A5. Yvonne Elliman — “If I Can’t Have You” (2:57)
B1. Walter Murphy — “A Fifth of Beethoven (Based on Beethoven’s Fifth Symphony)” (3:01)
B2. Tavares — “More Than a Woman” (3:16)
B3. David Shire — “Manhattan Skyline” (4:43)
B4. Ralph MacDonald — “Calypso Breakdown” (7:50)
C1. David Shire — “Night on Disco Mountain” (5:12)
C2. Kool & The Gang — “Open Sesame” (3:59)
C3. Bee Gees — “Jive Talkin’” (3:58)
C4. Bee Gees — “You Should Be Dancing” (4:15)
C5. KC and The Sunshine Band — “Boogie Shoes” (2:16)
D1. David Shire — “Salsation” (3:50)
D2. M.F.S.B. — “K-Jee” (4:15)
D3. The Trammps — “Disco Inferno” (10:52)

Bill Oakes — producer, supervisor, compiler
Wally Traugott — mastering
Susan Herr — art direction
Tom Nikosey — art direction
Norman Seeff — photography
Francesco Scavullo — photography
Charles W. Bush — photography

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