Vanessa – Black and White (1976)

Black and White is the second of two albums by Norwegian jazz-rock quartet Vanessa, released in 1976 on Compendium.

A1. “Sun Walk” (10:12)
A2. “Summer Poem” (12:16)
B1. “Street Talk” (3:26)
B2. “Fragmomentum” (17:32)

Bass, Effects [Boxes] – Harald Salater
Drums – Thorsten Dulsrud
Piano, Synthesizer [Synthesizer, String-Ensemble], Voice [Mouth], Back Cover Illustration – Frode Holm
Saxophone [Saxes], Flute, Alto Clarinet, Guitar – Svend Undseth

Composed By – Frode Holm (B2), Svend Undseth (A1 to B1)
Front Cover By – Willy Haugen
Producer – Frode Holm (B2), Svend Undseth (A1 to B1)

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