Van der Graaf – The Quiet Zone / The Pleasure Dome (1977)

The Quiet Zone / The Pleasure Dome is the eighth album by English art-rock band Van der Graaf, released in 1977 on Charisma. The band dropped “Generator” from their nameplate following the departure of organist Hugh Banton and the addition of violinist Graham Smith into the lineup. The album would be the band’s final studio offering of the 20th century.

The Quiet Zone
A1. “Lizard Play” (4:28)
A2. “The Habit of the Broken Heart” (4:34)
A3. “The Siren Song” (6:01)
A4. “Last Frame” (6:12)
The Pleasure Dome
B1. “The Wave” (3:12)
B2. “Cat’s Eye / Yellow Fever (Running)” (5:20)*
B3. “The Sphinx in the Face” (5:58)
B4. “Chemical World” (6:10)
B5. “The Sphinx Returns” (1:12)

*7″ b/w “Ship of Fools

Graham Smith — violin, viola
Nic Potter — bass
Peter Hammill — vocals, guitar, keyboards, composer, producer
Guy Evans — drums, percussion
David Jaxon — saxophone

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