Van der Graaf Generator – The Aerosol Grey Machine (1969)

The Aerosol Grey Machine is the 1969 debut album by English psychedelic-rock band Van der Graaf Generator, originally issued on Mercury (USA) and Fontana (Germany).

A1. “Afterwards” (4:53)
A2. “Orthenthian St (Part I)” (2:23)
A3. “Orthenthian St (Part II)” (3:53)
A4. “Running Back” (6:32)
A5. “Into a Game” (5:56)
B1. “Aerosol Grey Machine” (0:56)
B2. “Black Smoke Yen” (1:18)
B3. “Aquarian” (8:27)
B4. “Necromancer” (3:30)*
B5. “Octopus” (7:41)

*Replaced with “Giant Squid” (3:20) on certain pressings.

Hugh Robert Banton — piano, organ, vocals
Keith Ian Ellis — bass, backing vocals
Guy Randolph Evans — drums, talking drums
Peter Hammill — vocals, acoustic guitar, writer, liner notes

John Anthony — producer, liner notes

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