Valerie Carter ‎– Wild Child (1978)

Wild Child is the second of two albums by American West Coast vocalist Valerie Carter, released in 1978 on Columbia.

A1. “Crazy” (4:29)
A2. “Da Doo Rendezvous” (4:36)
A3. “What’s Become of Us” (3:34)
A4. “Taking the Long Way Home” (3:31)
A5. “Lady in the Dark” (4:40)
B1. “The Story of Love” (4:08)
B2. “The Blue Side” (3:27)
B3. “Change in Luck” (4:47)
B4. “Trying to Get to You” (4:08)
B5. “Wild Child” (4:46)

Valerie Carter — lead vocals, backing vocals, writer
James Newton Howard — producer, electric piano, piano, synthesizer, arp solina string ensemble, string arrangements, conductor, writer
Jeffrey Porcaro — drums, percussion
Tom Knox — engineer
Bob Seidemann, Sam Emerson — photography
David Hungate — bass, soloist
Chuck Rainey — bass
Verdine White — bass
Steve Lukather — guitar, electric guitar, 12 string acoustic guitar, 12 string guitar, soloist, writer
Ray Parker Jr. — guitar, soloist
Jay Graydon — guitar, electric guitar, soloist
Fred Tackett — acoustic guitar
Davey Johnstone — acoustic guitar
Victor Feldman — electric piano, piano, percussion, vibraphone, chimes, marimba, soloist
Lenny Castro — percussion
Mike Utley — organ
Steve Porcaro — synthesizer
Don Myrick — saxophone, soloist
Tommy Saviano — saxophone, soloist
Vini Poncia — backing vocals
Wendy Haas — backing vocals
David Lasley — backing vocals, writer
Chuck Findley — horns
Jim Horn — horns
Steve Madaio — horns
Jimmie Haskell — string arrangements, conductor
Tom Tom 84 — horn arrangements
Jimmy Getzoff — concertmaster
Sid Sharp — concertmaster

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1 thought on “Valerie Carter ‎– Wild Child (1978)

  1. News of her passing last year didn’t come to my attention at the time. Yet another sad loss. Wild Child has long been in my upper tier of some 1,200+ albums that I’ve assimilated from 1978. “Crazy” is one of the five or six should-have-been hits from the album. While the subject of this track seems to be about romantic duplicity, I’ve always been curious if a true situation inspired these coy, suggestive lyrics.

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