Uriah Heep – Wonderworld (1974)

Wonderworld is the seventh studio album by English hard-rock band Uriah Heep, released in 1974 on Bronze/Warner Bros.

A1. “Wonderworld” (4:29)
A2. “Suicidal Man” (3:38)
A3. “The Shadows and the Wind” (4:27)
A4. “So Tired” (3:39)
A5. “The Easy Road” (2:43)
B1. “Something or Nothing” (2:56)*
B2. “I Won’t Mind” (5:59)
B3. “We Got We” (3:39)
B4. “Dreams” (6:10)

*B-side: “What Can I Do

David Byron — lead vocals, songwriter
Mick Box — lead guitar, songwriter
Ken Hensley — organ, guitar, vocals, songwriter
Lee Kerslake — drums, songwriter
Gary Thain — bass, songwriter

Gerry Bron — producer
Peter Gallen — recording engineer
Hans Menzel — engineer
Macki — engineer
Uriah Heep — songwriter, arrangements
Graham Hughes — photography
Harry Moss — cutting engineer
Michael Gibbs — orchestral arrangements

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