Uriah Heep ‎– Salisbury (1971)

Salisbury is the second album by English symphonic/hard-rock band Uriah Heep, released in 1971 on Bronze/Mercury.

A1. “Bird of Prey” (4:05)
A2. “The Park” (5:38)
A3. “Time to Live” (4:02)
A4. “Lady in Black” (4:33)
B1. “High Priestess” (3:39)
B2. “Salisbury” (16:22)

David Byron — lead vocals, songwriter
Ken Hensley — organ, piano, slide guitar, acoustic guitar, harpsichord, vibraphone, vocals, liner notes, songwriter, lead vocals
Mick Box — lead guitar, acoustic guitar, vocals, songwriter
Paul Newton — bass guitar, vocals, songwriter
Keith Baker — drums

Gerry Bron — producer
Peter Gallen — recording engineer, mixing engineer
Ashley Howe — tape operator
Les Cunningham — tape operator
Bloomsbury Group — sleeve design
Central Office Of Information — photography
John Fiddy — brass, woodwind (B2)

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