Ur Kaos ‎– Ur Kaos (1987)

Ur Kaos is the debut album by the namesake Swedish avant-garde/art-rock trio, released in 1987 on Bauta Records.

1. “Loved Missile” (4:57)
2. “Let’s Talk a Walk” (1:56)
3. “A Regrettable Fact” (4:06)
4. “A Swedenborg Vision” (3:06)
5. “Never (No Hope, No Fear)” (2:45)
6. “Dying” (1:52)
7. “Bayamus?” (4:47)
8. “Intermission” (0:31)
9. “Senselessing” (3:38)
10. “Status Nascendi” (2:30)
11. “Four Proverbs of Hell” (4:02)
12. “Heroes of the Yellow Cross” (4:28)
13. “Freedom Is Not a Korean Word” (2:30)
14. “Back in Hell” (2:31)
15. “Contraposition” (1:59)

CD reissue bonus track:
16. “Imperialism of the Future” (5:00)

J. Lachen Jonsson — vocals, drums, strings, composer, producer
Johan Hedrén — keyboard, guitar, backing vocals, composer, producer
Mats Paulsson — vocals, bass, guitar, bass pedals, Clavinet, composer, producer

Peter Tillberg — cover art

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