Unlimited Touch ‎– Unlimited Touch (1981)

Unlimited Touch is the first of two albums by the namesake American soul/funk collective, released in 1981 on Prelude.

A1. “Feel the Music” (5:05)
A2. “Private Party” (4:55)
A3. “I Hear Music in the Streets” (6:50)
A4. “Love to Share” (4:10)
B1. “Happy Ever After” (6:20)
B2. “Searching to Find the One” (5:03)
B3. “Carry On” (4:46)
B4. “In the Middle” (5:40)

Backing Vocals – Galen (Lenny) Underwood, Sandy (Samuel) Anderson
Bass – Sandy (Samuel) Anderson
Drums – Tony Cintron
Guitar – Philip Hamilton
Keyboards – Galen (Lenny) Underwood
Lead Vocals – Audrey Wheeler, Stephanie James
Percussion [Guest Percussionist] – Carol Steele

Arranged By [String Arrangements] – Bert DeCoteaux
Engineer – Frank Filipetti
Management – Donnie Linton
Photography By – Trudy Schlachter
Producer – Raymond Reid, William Anderson

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  1. The information on this page regarding Donnie Linton is incorrect. The management and executive producer of Unlimited Touch was Charles Richards and never Donnie Linton.

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