Universe City – Universe City (1976)

Universe City is the singular album by American jazz-funk operative Universe City, released in 1976 on Midland International.

A1. “Central Park” (5:03)
A2. “Cause She Wants Me To” (3:10)
A3. “Can You Get Down” (5:45)
A4. “You’ve Changed” (2:54)
A5. “Touch Me” (3:03)
B1. “Give It Up” (3:25)
B2. “Serious” (5:27)
B3. “I’m a Winner” (2:52)
B4. “Call It Evil” (2:53)
B5. “Fools” (5:20)

Craig Snyder — guitar
John Davis — synthesizer, tenor saxophone, flute, producer
Joe De Angelis — French horn
Joe Davis — trumpet
Don Renaldo — strings

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