Tygers of Pan Tang ‎– Spellbound (1981)

Spellbound is the second album by English metal band Tygers of Pan Tang, released in 1981 on MCA.

A1. “Gangland” (3:40)
A2. “Take It” (4:26)
A3. “Minotaur” (0:22)
A4. “Hellbound” (3:30)
A5. “Mirror” (4:34)
B1. “Silver and Gold” (3:37)
B2. “Tyger Bay” (3:29)
B3. “The Story So Far” (3:30)
B4. “Blackjack” (3:16)
B5. “Don’t Stop By” (4:07)

Jon Deverill — lead vocals, harmony vocals
John James Sykes — lead guitar, backing vocals
Robb Weir — lead guitar, backing vocals
Rocky — bass, backing vocals
Brian ‘Big’ Dick — drums

Chris Tsangarides — producer, engineer
Andrew Warwick — assistant engineer

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