Tuxedomoon ‎– Half-Mute (1980)

Half-Mute is the debut full-length by Bay Area New Wave/avant-garde band Tuxedomoon, released in 1980 on Ralph Records.

A1. “Nazca” (3:06)
A2. “59 to 1” (3:52)**
A3. “Fifth Column” (2:57)
A4. “Tritone (Musica Diablo)” (2:45)
A5. “Loneliness” (2:56)
A6. “James Whale” (2:42)
B1. “What Use?” (4:00)*
B2. “Volo Vivace” (2:47)
B3. “7 Years” (3:06)
B4. “KM / Seeding the Clouds” (11:36)

1980 shortplayer sides:
A. “Dark Companion” (4:10) / *
** / B. “Crash

Steven Brown — saxophone, vocals, synthesizer, keyboards, electronic percussion
Blaine Reininger — violin, vocals, synthesizer, keyboards, guitar, bass guitar, electronic percussion
Peter Principle — bass, guitar, electronic percussion, synthesizer
Tuxedomoon — writer, arranger, producer

Jim Renney — engineer
Patrick Roques — cover art

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