Turiya Alice Coltrane & Devadip Carlos Santana – Illuminations (1974)

Illuminations is a collaboration album between spiritual-jazz keyboardist Alice Coltrane and Latin/jazz-rock guitarist Carlos Santana, recorded with a full orchestra and released in 1974 on Columbia.

A1. “Guru Sri Chinmoy Aphorism” (1:10)
A2. “Angel of Air” (3:37)
A3. “Angel of Water” (6:18)
A4. “Bliss: The Eternal Now” (5:32)
B1. “Angel of Sunlight” (14:43)
B2. “Illuminations” (4:20)

Devadip Carlos Santana — lead guitar, rhythm guitar, guitar, wind chimes, cymbals, writer, producer
Turiya Alice Coltrane — harp, piano, Wurlitzer, producer, string arrangements, conductor, writer
Tom Coster — electric piano, Hammond organ, cymbals, piano, producer, writer
David Holland — acoustic bass
James Bond — bass
Jules Broussard — flute, soprano saxophone
Jack DeJohnette — cymbals, drums
Armando Peraza — congas
Phil Ford — tabla
Prabuddah Phil Browne — tambura
Murray Adler — violin, concertmaster
Ron Folsom, Bill Henderson, Nathan Kaproff, Gordon Marron, Paul Shure, Charles Veal — violin
Anne Goodman, Glenn Grab, Jackie Lustgarten, Fred Seykora — cello
Marilyn Baker, Myer Bello, Rollice Dale, Alan Harshman, Myra Kestenbaum, David Schwartz — viola

Guru Sri Chinmoy — writer
Glen Kolotkin — engineer
George Engfer — engineer
Michael Wood — art direction, illustration
Retina Circus — cover art
Cynthia Shyvers — sleeve design
Steve Bruce — photography
Herb Greene — photography

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