Tubeway Army ‎– Tubeway Army (1978)

Tubeway Army is the debut album by the namesake duo fronted by English keyboardist/vocalist Gary Numan, released in 1978 on Beggars Banquet.

A1. “Listen to the Sirens” (3:05)
A2. “My Shadow in Vain” (2:56)
A3. “The Life Machine” (2:44)
A4. “Friends” (2:28)
A5. “Something’s in the House” (3:59)
A6. “Everyday I Die” (2:23)
B1. “Steel and You” (4:44)
B2. “My Love Is a Liquid” (3:29)
B3. “Are You Real?” (3:24)
B4. “The Dream Police” (3:33)
B5. “Jo the Waiter” (2:40)
B6. “Zero Bars (Mr. Smith)” (2:55)

Shortplayer sides/session extras:
Oh! Didn’t I Say” (2:20)
Bombers” (3:48)
Crime of Passion
Out of Site
That’s Too Bad” (3:17)

Gary Numan — vocals, guitar, keyboards, songwriter, producer
Paul Gardiner — bass guitar, backing vocals
Jess Lidyard — drums

Mike Kemp — engineer, mixing engineer

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