Tröjan ‎– Chasing the Storm (1985)

Chasing the Storm is the singular album by English metal band Tröjan, released in 1985 on Roadrunner.

1. “Chasing the Storm” (4:29)
2. “Tonight We’ve Got It Made” (2:50)
3. “Only the Strong Survive” (3:56)
4. “Hypnotized” (2:45)
5. “Backstabber” (4:55)
6. “Icehouse” (4:34)
7. “Take No Prisoners” (3:47)
8. “Help Me” (2:45)
9. “Aggressor” (3:31)
10. “Hot ‘n Ready” (3:56)

Bass – Eddy Martin
Drums – Sam Hall
Guitar, Backing Vocals – Pete Wadeson
Lead Vocals – Graeme Wyatt

Engineer – Maurice Mulligan
Engineer [Assistant] – Janet Kealey
Mastered By – Tim Young
Producer – Guy Bidmead

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