Trapeze ‎– Medusa (1970)

Medusa is the second album by English hard-rock combo Trapeze, released in 1970 on Threshold. With frontal bass and refined guitar on equal footing throughout much of this set, the two instruments double-up and duel across the foreboding lurch of “Make You Wanna Cry” and the rattling raunch of “Your Love Is Alright.” The set is book-ended by the gravelly, rustic-tinged power-wailer “Black Cloud” and the arresting soft/heavy contrast of the album’s title track.

A1. Black Cloud (6:13)
A2. Jury (8:10)
A3. Your Love Is Alright (4:54)
B1. Touch My Life (4:06)
B2. Seafull (6:34)
B3. Makes You Wanna Cry (4:41)
B4. Medusa (5:40)

Mel Galley – guitar, vocals
Glenn Hughes – bass, piano, vocals
Dave Holland – drums

John Lodge – production

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