Transit Express – Opus Progressif (1976)

Opus Progressif is the second album by French jazz-rock combo Transit Express, released in 1976 on RCA Victor.

A1. “Convulsion” (4:10)
A2. “Disparition” (3:15)
A3. “Le souffleur de rêves” (6:35)
A4. “Dialogarhythme” (4:30)
A5. “La porte de bag” (0:50)
B1. “38 Cm/s” (2:40)
B2. “Maldoror” (5:40)
B3. “Opus progressif 1” (2:55)
B4. “Opus progressif 2” (7:35)

Serge Perathoner — Electric Piano, Piano [Acoustic], Clavinet, Synthesizer, Electronics [Ring Modulator]
Dominique Bouvier — drums, percussion
Jean-Claude Guselli — bass
Christian Leroux — acoustic guitar, electric guitar

Laurent Thibault — engineer

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