Traffic – Traffic (1968)

Traffic is the self-titled second album by the English folk/psych-rock quartet, released in 1968 on Island.

A1. “You Can All Join In” (3:40)
A2. “Pearly Queen” (4:21)
A3. “Don’t Be Sad” (3:25)
A4. “Who Knows What Tomorrow May Bring” (3:15)
A5. “Feelin’ Alright?” (4:20)
B1. “Vagabond Virgin” (5:22)
B2. “Forty Thousand Headmen” (3:14)
B3. “Cryin’ to Be Heard” (5:12)
B4. “No Time to Live” (5:20)
B5. “Means to an End” (2:35)

Jim Capaldi — drums, design, percussion, lead vocals, songwriter
Steve Winwood — lead guitar, rhythm guitar, bass guitar, lead vocals, songwriter, organ, harpsichord, piano, guitar
Chris Wood — tenor saxophone, soprano saxophone, flute, sleigh bells, drums, percussion
Dave Mason — lead vocals, songwriter, harmonica, acoustic guitar, bass guitar, guitar, organ

Jimmy Miller — producer, liner notes

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