Toyah ‎– The Changeling (1982)

The Changeling is the fourth album by English New Wave vocalist/performance artist Toyah Willcox, released in 1982 on Safari. Keyboards on the album were played by Be-Bop Deluxe/Red Noise alumnus Andy Clark.

A1. “Creepy Room” (3:20)
A2. “Street Creature” (4:00)
A3. “Castaways” (3:57)
A4. “The Druids” (3:31)
A5. “Angel and Me” (4:47)
B1. “The Packt” (4:52)
B2. “Life in the Trees” (3:16)
B3. “Dawn Chorus” (3:53)
B4. “Run Wild, Run Free” (4:01)
B5. “Brave New World” (5:30)

Phil Spalding — bass, vocals
Simon Phillips — drums, percussion
Joel Bogen — guitar, keyboards, vocal
Toyah — vocals, noise
Andy Clark — keyboards
Simon Darlow — keyboards
Nigel Bennett — backing vocals
Vince Sullivan — brass
Dave Lord — brass

Steve Lillywhite — producer
Mark Dearnley — engineer
Neil Hutchinson — assistant engineer, brass
Ashley Howe — assistant engineer

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