Toyah ‎– Sheep Farming in Barnet (1979)

Sheep Farming in Barnet is the debut album by English New Wave/performance artist Toyah Willcox, released in 1979 on Safari.

A1. “Neon Womb” (4:24)
A2. “Indecision” (2:47)
A3. “Waiting” (3:16)
A4. “Computer” (3:06)
A5. “Victims of the Riddle” (3:38)
A6. “Elusive Stranger” (4:51)
B1. “Our Movie” (3:04)
B2. “Danced” (5:13)
B3. “Last Goodbye” (3:01)
B4. “Victims of the Riddle (Vivisection)” (3:57)
B5. “Race Through Space” (3:15)

Toyah Willcox – vocals
Joel Bogen – guitar
Peter Bush – keyboards
Keith Hale – keyboards (A5, B4)
Mark Henry – bass
Steve Bray – drums

Steve James, Keith Hale – producers, engineers

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