Tower of Power ‎– Urban Renewal (1974)

Urban Renewal is the fifth album by American funk ensemble Tower of Power, released in 1974 on Warner Bros.

A1. “Only So Much Oil in the Ground” (3:46)
A2. “Come Back, Baby” (3:20)
A3. “It’s Not the Crime” (1:45)
A4. “I Won’t Leave Unless You Want Me To” (3:29)
A5. “Maybe It’ll Rub Off” (3:14)
B1. “(To Say the Least) You’re the Most” (2:27)
B2. “Willing to Learn” (4:34)
B3. “Give Me the Proof” (2:35)
B4. “It Can Never Be the Same” (4:44)
B5. “I Believe in Myself” (2:01)
B6. “Walkin’ Up Hip Street” (5:50)

Lenny Williams — lead vocals
Bruce Conte — guitars, backing vocals
Chester Thompson — keyboards, organ, acoustic piano, clavinet, backing vocals, bass pedals
Francis “Rocco” Prestia — bass guitar
David Bartlett — drums (except “Willing To Learn”)
David Garibaldi — drums on “Willing To Learn”
Carter Collins — congas, percussion
Greg Adams — trumpet, flugelhorn
Emilio Castillo — tenor saxophone, backing vocals
Mic Gillette — trumpet, trombone, backing vocals
Stephen Kupka — baritone saxophone
Lenny Pickett — clarinet, bass clarinet, alto flute, baritone, tenor & soprano saxophones

Bootche Anderson – vocals
Marilyn Scott — vocals
Pepper Watkins — vocals
Emilio Castillo — producer

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