Toto ‎– The Seventh One (1988)

The Seventh One is the seventh studio album by American melodic-rock band Toto, released in 1988 on CBS/Columbia.

A1. “Pamela” (5:10)
A2. “You Got Me” (3:12)
A3. “Anna” (4:56)
A4. “Stop Loving You” (4:29)
A5. “Mushanga” (5:36)
A6. “Stay Away” (5:29)
B1. “Straight for the Heart” (4:10)
B2. “Only the Children” (4:09)
B3. “A Thousand Years” (4:51)
B4. “These Chains” (4:58)
B5. “Home of the Brave” (6:49)

Steve Lukather — guitar, vocals, lead vocals (A3, B4), producer, recording engineer
David Paich — keyboards, vocals, horn arrangements (A2), string arrangements (A3, B3-B5), lead vocals (B5), producer, recording engineer
Jeff Porcaro — drums, percussion, producer, recording engineer
Mike Porcaro — bass, producer, recording engineer
Joseph Williams — vocals, producer, recording engineer
Steve Porcaro — synthesizers, programming, engineer

Tom Scott — horns, horn arrangements (A1, A4, B4)
Jim Horn — horns, recorder, flute (A5), saxophone (B1)
Jerry Hey — horns, horn arrangements (A2)
Chuck Findley — horns
James Pankow — horns
Gary Grant — horns
Gary Herbig — horns
Tom Kelly — background vocals (A1, B2)
Joe Porcaro — vibraphone (A1, B4), percussion (A3, A5)
Patti Austin — background vocals (A2, A5, B1)
Lenny Castro — percussion (A2)
Jim Keltner — percussion (A2)
Michael Fisher — percussion (A3, A4)
Marty Paich — string arrangements (A3), conductor (A3, B5)
James Newton Howard — string arrangements (A3)
Jon Anderson — background vocals (A4)
Bill Payne — keyboards (A4), producer, recording engineer
Andy Narell — steel drums (A5)
Linda Ronstadt — background vocals (A6)
David Lindley — lap steel (A6)

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