Toshiki Kadomatsu ‎– Weekend Fly to the Sun (1982)

Weekend Fly to the Sun is the second album by Japanese musician/songwriter Toshiki Kadomatsu, recorded in California released in 1982 on RCA.

A1. “Office Lady” (5:13)
A2. “Rush Hour” (5:42)
A3. “Brunch” (4:32)
A4. “Space Scraper” (5:23)
B1. “Friday to Sunday” (5:00)
B2. “Crescent Adventure” (6:22)
B3. “I’ll Never Let You Go” (4:54)
B4. “4 A.M.” (4:10)

Toshiki Kadomatsu — lyrics, music, vocals, electric guitar
Tom Tom 84 — arrangements, piano, percussion
The Phoenix Horns Esquire — horns
John “JR” Robinson — drums
Abraham Laboriel — electric bass
Louis Johnson — electric bass
Nathan East — electric bass
Carlos Rios — electric guitar
Al Mackey — electric guitar
Dean Gant — keyboards
Don Grusin — keyboards, synthesizer
Yoshihiro Tomonari — keyboards
Brian Mann — keyboards
Maurice Spears — trombone
George Bohanon — tenor saxophone
Don Myrick — alto saxophone, tenor saxophone
Louis Satterfield — trombone
Rahmlee — flugel horn, trumpet
Michael Harris — flugel horn, trumpet
Ray Armando — percussion
Dorothy Ashby — harp
Tommy Morgan — harmonica
Phyllis St. James — chorus
Maxi Anderson — chorus
Lisa Roberts — chorus
Howard L. Smith Jr. — chorus
James E. Gilstrap — chorus
Howard C. McCrary — chorus

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