Todd Rundgren ‎– Todd (1974)

Todd is the fifth solo album by American songwriter/musician/vocalist Todd Rundgren, released in 1974 on Bearsville.

A1. “How About a Little Fanfare?” (0:57)
A2. “I Think You Know” (3:48)
A3. “The Spark of Life” (6:43)
A4. “An Elpee’s Worth of Toons” (2:08)
A5. “A Dream Goes On Forever” (2:21)
A6. “Lord Chancellor’s Nightmare Song” (3:30)
B1. “Drunken Blue Rooster” (3:00)
B2. “The Last Ride” (4:46)
B3. “Everybody’s Going to Heaven / King Kong Reggae” (6:35)
C1. “Number 1 Lowest Common Denominator” (5:10)
C2. “Useless Begging” (3:27)
C3. “Sidewalk Cafe” (2:25)
C4. “Izzat Love?” (1:56)
C5. “Heavy Metal Kids” (4:13)
D1. “In and Out the Chakras We Go (Formerly Shaft Goes to Outer Space)” (5:48)
D2. “Don’t You Ever Learn?” (6:01)
D3. “Sons of 1984” (4:37)

Todd Rundgren – guitars, vocals, keyboards, synthesizers, bass, drums, drum machine, percussion, other instruments
Mark “Moogy” Klingman – keyboards, organ, piano, electric piano
Ralph Schuckett – bass, clavinet, organ
John Siegler – bass, cello
Bill Gelber – bass
John Miller – bass
Kevin Ellman – drums, percussion
Wells Kelly – drums
Chris Parker – drums
Peter Ponzol – soprano saxophone
Michael Brecker – horn, saxophone
Randy Brecker – horn, saxophone, trumpet
Barry Rogers – trombone
“Legs” Larry Smith – tap-dancing

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