Todd Rundgren ‎– Runt (1970)

Runt is the debut solo album by American songwriter/musician/vocalist Todd Rundgren, released in 1970 on Bearsville. On original pressings, the album was credited to the namesake trio of Rundgren, bassist Tony Sales, and drummer Hunt Sales.

A1. “Broke Down and Busted” (4:32)
A2. “Believe In Me” (2:04)
A3. “We Gotta Get You a Woman” (2:52)
A4. “Who’s That Man” (2:59)
A5. “Once Burned” (2:09)
A6. “Devil’s Bite” (3:53)
B1. “I’m in the Clique” (4:57)
B2. “There Are No Words” (2:12)
B3. “Baby, Let’s Swing / The Last Thing You Said / Don’t Tie My Hand” (5:28)
B4. “Birthday Carol” (9:14)

Todd Rundgren — production, arrangements, various instruments
Hunt Sales — drums, percussion
Tony Sales — bass, percussion
Rick Danko — bass
Levon Helm — drums
John Miller — bass
Mark Klingman — electric piano
Bobby Moses — drums
Don Lee Van Winkle — rhythm guitar, acoustic guitar
Don Ferris — bass
Mickey Brook — drums

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