Todd Rundgren ‎– Nearly Human (1989)

Nearly Human is a 1989 album by Todd Rundgren. The album marked his first release of new material in four years, during which time he’d been engrossed in production work.

In contrast to his mostly self-contained post-Runt solo recordings, he assembled a full studio ensemble for this album. Included in the lineup are keyboardist Brent Bourgeois and bassist Larry Tagg of the band Bourgeois Tagg, whose 1987 Yoyo LP was produced by Rundgren. The artist also trades vocals with soul legend Bobby Womack on “The Want of a Nail.”

Stylistically, the album recalls the blue-eyed soul approach of Hermit of Mink Hollow. Several numbers feature gospel flourishes courtesy of a live chorus that includes former Tubes dancer Michele Gray, whom the artist would eventually marry.

A1. The Want of a Nail
A2. The Waiting Game
A3. Parallel Lines
A4. Unloved Children
A5. Can’t Stop Running
B1. Fidelity
B2. Feel It
B3. Hawking
B4. I Love My Life

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