Todd Rundgren ‎– Hermit of Mink Hollow (1978)

Hermit of Mink Hollow is the eighth solo album by American songwriter/musician/vocalist Todd Rundgren, released in 1978 on Bearsville.

A1. “All the Children Sing” (3:08)
A2. “Can We Still Be Friends” (3:34)
A3. “Hurting for You” (3:20)
A4. “Too Far Gone” (2:38)
A5. “Onomatopoeia” (1:34)
A6. “Determination” (3:11)
B1. “Bread” (2:48)
B2. “Bag Lady” (3:13)
B3. “You Cried Wolf” (2:20)
B4. “Lucky Guy” (2:04)
B5. “Out of Control” (3:56)
B6. “Fade Away” (3:04)

Todd Rundgren — vocals, writer, arranger, producer, instruments, engineer
Mike Young — engineer

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