Tim Blake ‎– Crystal Machine (1977)

Crystal Machine is a solo album by English electronic musician Tim Blake, released in 1977 on Barclay-subsidiary Egg.

A1. “Midnight” (6:22)
A2. “Metro/Logic” (6:28)
A3. “Last Ride of the Boogie Child” (7:50)
B1. “Synthèse intemporelle” (15:52)
B2. “Crystal Presence” (1:28)

Lighting [Spectra Physics 164 Argon Laser, Crystal Machine Projectors] – Patrice Warrener
Photography By – Rosa Gauditano
Producer, Synthesizer, Electronics, Effects, Written-By – Tim Blake
Recorded By – Jacques Darnys (B1), Tim Blake (A1 to A3, B2)

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