‘Til Tuesday ‎– Voices Carry (1985)

Voices Carry i the debut album by Bostonian modern-rock quartet ‘Til Tuesday, produced by Mike Thorne and released in 1985 on Epic.

1. “Love in a Vacuum” (3:34)
2. “Looking Over My Shoulder” (4:15)
3. “I Could Get Used to This” (3:02)
4. “No More Crying” (4:18)
5. “Voices Carry” (4:13)
6. “Winning the War” (4:03)
7. “You Know the Rest” (4:26)
8. “Maybe Monday” (3:40)
9. “Are You Serious” (3:15)
10. “Don’t Watch Me Bleed” (3:26)
11. “Sleep” (3:40)

Aimee Mann — vocals, bass, lyrics, music
Michael Hausman — percussion, music
Robert Holmes — guitar, vocals, music
Joey Pesce — synthesizer, piano, vocals, music

Mike Thorne — producer
Dick Wingate — executive producer
Domenica Maita — engineer
Harvey Goldberg — mixing engineer
Moira Marquis — assistant engineer
Jack Skinner — mastering
Mark Larson — art direction
Britain Hill — photography

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