Thompson Twins ‎– A Product Of… (1981)

A Product Of… is the debut album by English art-funk sextet Thompson Twins, released in 1981 on Fame/Hansa.

A1. “When I See You” (4:05)
A2. “Politics” (2:24)
A3. “Slave Trade” (3:28)
A4. “Could Be Her…Could Be You” (3:50)
A5. “Make Believe” (3:30)
A6. “Don’t Go Away” (3:05)
B1. “The Price” (4:28)
B2. “Oumma Aularesso (Animal Laugh)” (3:02)
B3. “Anything Is Good Enough” (2:34)
B4. “A Product Of…” (3:52)
B5. “Perfect Game” (4:25)
B6. “Vendredi Saint” (3:10)

Tom Bailey – bass, lead vocals, keyboards, percussion, reeds
Chris Bell – drums, backing vocals, percussion
Peter Dodd – guitar, backing vocals, percussion, saxophone
Joe Leeway – congas, backing vocals, percussion
John Roog – guitar, backing vocals, percussion
Jane Shorter – saxophone, percussion

Steve Dewey – engineer, mixing
Alan O’Duffy, John Hade, Tom Bailey – mixing
Jonathan Phipps – cover art

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