Thirsty Moon ‎– Thirsty Moon (1972)

Thirsty Moon is the debut album by the namesake German jazz-rock/psych ensemble, released in 1972 on Brain.

A1. “Morning Sun” (5:20)
A2. “Love Me” (4:48)
A3. “Rooms Behind Your Mind” (3:12)
A4. “Big City” (9:16)
B1. “Yellow Sunshine” (21:25 — 5:38-8:08-11:24, 12:18-17:35)

Harald Konietzko — bass, 12 string guitar, percussion, vocals, music, lyrics
Erwin Noack — congas, percussion, music, lyrics
Norbert Drogies — drums, percussion, music, lyrics
Michael Kobs — electric piano
Jürgen Drogies — guitar, percussion
Hans-Werner Ranwig — organ, percussion, vocals, music, lyrics
Willi Pape — soprano saxophone, tenor saxophone, clarinet, flute, percussion, music, lyrics

Gil Funccius — cover art
Jochen Petersen — producer
Conny Plank — recording engineer, mixing

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