Thinking Plague ‎– In This Life (1989)

In This Life is the third album by American avant-garde/art-rock band Thinking Plague, released in 1989 on RēR.

1. “Lycanthrope” (7:17)
2. “Run Amok” (3:11)
3. “Malaise” (4:40)
4. “Organism (Version II)” (11:46)
5. “Love” (7:14)
6. “The Guardian” (5:30)
7. “Fountain of All Tears” (7:39)
8. “Moonsongs” (15:10)
9. “Possessed” (8:14)

Mike Johnson — guitar, acoustic guitar, mandolin, synthesizer, vocals, noise, percussion, organ, music, lyrics, mixing engineer
Bob Drake — drums, bass, percussion, violin, synthesizer, balalaika, vocals, noise, guitar, recording engineer, mixing engineer, drawings, graphic design
Susanne Lewis — vocals, accordion, guitar, violin, lap steel guitar, lyrics, music, cover art
Thinking Plague — arrangements, assistant engineer
Shane Hotle — synthesizer, organ, noise, percussion
Maria Moran — bass, electric guitar
Lawrence Haugseth — clarinet, synthesizer, piano, vocals
Mark Harris — baritone saxophone, saxophone, clarinet, flute
Mark Fuller — tabla, tingklik, percussion, drums, kalimba, vocals
Fred Frith — guitar (4)
Eric Jacobson — sampler, percussion, piano, vocals
Mark McCoin — drums, sampler, vocals
Glenn Nitta — soprano saxophone
Fred Hess — alto saxophone
Sharon Bradford — vocals (9)
Harry Fleishman — piano, synthesizer

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