Thelma Houston – The Devil in Me (1977)

The Devil in Me is an album by American R&B vocalist Thelma Houston, released in 1977 on Tamla.

A1. “I’m Here Again” (6:28)
A2. “It’s Just Me Feeling Good” (4:22)
A3. “I Can’t Go On Living Without Your Love” (4:30)
A4. “Triflin’” (4:00)
B1. “Give Me Something to Believe In” (3:56)
B2. “Memories” (4:11)
B3. “The Devil in Me” (6:22)
B4. “Baby, I Love You too Much” (2:50)
B5. “Your Eyes” (3:11)

Production — Brenda Sutton, Michael B. Sutton, Brian Holland, Greg Wright, Michel Rubini, Clayton Ivey, Terry Woodford, Michael Masser
Arrangements — Kim Richmond, James Anthony Carmichael, Gordon C. Berg, Greg Wright, Michel Rubini and Michael Omartian

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