The Twins ‎– Modern Lifestyle (1982)

Modern Lifestyle is the second album by German synthpop duo The Twins, released in 1982 on Hansa.

A1. “Modern Lifestyle” (3:37)
A2. “Face to Face – Heart to Heart” (3:47)
A3. “Regret” (4:11)
A4. “Knights of Old” (4:07)
A5. “Automatic Man” (4:59)
B1. “New Days, New Ways” (3:52)
B2. “Gilded Cage” (4:17)
B3. “I’m Staying Alive” (4:08)
B4. “Birds and Dogs” (4:30)
B5. “N4” (4:25)

Ronny Schreinzer — vocals, drum machine, synthesizer, electronic drums, vocoder, music, lyrics
Sven Dohrow — synthesizer, Minimoog, computer, sequencer, music, lyrics

The Twins — producer, arranger
Hubert Henle — mixing
Matthias Härtl — recording engineer
Matti Kaebs — drums
Eddie U — Minimoog, backing vocals

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