The Twilights – Once Upon a Twilight (1968)

Once Upon a Twilight is a 1968 concept album by Australian beat combo The Twilights. The album culminated from months of painstaking work by the band’s mastermind Terry Britten. The band split soon afterwards when the guitarist/writer scored a gig with Cliff Richard, who covered the track “Take Action” on his 1969 Sincerely LP.

A1. Once Upon a Twilight
A2. What a Silly Thing to Do
A3. Bessemae
A4. Stop the World for a Day
A5. Mr. Nice
A6. Take Action
B1. Blue Roundabout
B2. Devendra
B3. Found to Be Thrown Away
B4. Tomorrow Is Today
B5. The Cocky Song
B6. Paternosta Row

Terry Britten – lead guitar, harmonies
Glenn Shorrock – vocals
John Bywaters – bass
Laurie Pryor – drums
Peter Brideoake – rhythm guitar, harmonies
Clem “Paddy” McCartney – vocals

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