The Tubes ‎– The Completion Backward Principle (1981)

The Completion Backward Principle is the fifth solo album by American melodic-rock band The Tubes, released in 1981 on Capitol.

A1. “Talk to Ya Later” (4:41)
A2. “Sushi Girl” (3:28)
A3. “Amnesia” (4:25)
A4. “Mr. Hate” (3:35)
A5. “Attack of the Fifty Foot Woman” (4:30)
B1. “Think About Me” (3:16)
B2. “A Matter of Pride” (3:13)
B3. “Don’t Want to Wait Anymore” (4:16)
B4. “Power Tools” (4:04)
B5. “Let’s Make Some Noise” (3:24)

Bill Spooner — guitar, vocals, writer
Michael Cotten — synthesizers, writer
Fee Waybill — lead vocals, writer
Roger Steen — guitar, vocals, writer
Prairie Prince — drums, writer
Vince Welnick — keyboards, vocals, writer
Rick Anderson — bass, writer

Bill Champlin — vocals
David Foster — producer, writer
Roy Kohara — art direction
Steve Lukather — guitar solo (A1)

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