The Troll – Animated Music (1968)

Animated Music is an album by American pop-psych band The Troll, released in 1968 on Smash.

A1. “Satin City News” (2:38)
A2. “Mr. Abernathy” (3:22)
A3. “Fritz und Sweeney” (4:27)
A4. “Everybody’s Child” (2:53)
A5. “Solitude” (0:28)
A6. “I’ve Only Myself to Blame” (3:45)
B1. “Professor Pott’s Pornographic Projector” (2:57)
B2. “Have You Seen the Queen” (2:20)
B3. “Mourning of Day” (5:09)
B4. “A Winter’s Song” (4:00)
B5. “Werewolf and Witchbreath” (5:15)

Richard Clark — Organ, Vocals
Richard Gallagher — Guitar, Vocals
Max Jordan, Jr. — Bass, Vocals
Ken Cortese (aka Ken Apples) — Drums

Skeep Bushor — Horns, Strings Arragment

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