The Tarney/Spencer Band ‎– Run for Your Life (1979)

Run for Your Life is the third album by the Tarney/Spencer Band, produced by David Kershenbaum and released in 1979 on A&M. The album features two of the duo’s most popular songs — the Firefall-esque cult classic “No Time to Lose” and the power ballad “A Heart Will Break Tonight,” which Cliff Richard rendered on the following year’s Tarney-produced I’m No Hero LP.

The label heard hit-potential in album-opener “No Time to Lose” and twice issued the song as a single to no avail, though the track has since become a playlist favorite in select markets. In 1999, the then-out-of-print song was shifted into rotation on KGON, which airs classic rock on 92.3 FM in Portland, Ore. The station’s programmers also included the song on a locally issued mixed-artists CD. These moves stirred local demand for a reissue of the parent album. Run for Your Life was ultimately reissued in 2008 on Swedish label Tone Arm.

A1. “No Time to Lose” (4:43)
A2. “The Race is Almost Run” (2:51)
A3. “Won’tcha Tell Me” (3:46)
A4. “Live Again” (4:05)
A5. “Run for Your Life” (4:36)
B1. “Don’t” (4:18)
B2. “Far Better Man” (3:18)
B3. “Lies” (3:06)
B4. “A Heart Will Break Tonight” (3:44)
B5. “I’m Alive” (3:53)

Drums – Trevor Spencer
Guitar, Bass, Keyboards, Vocals – Alan Tarney
Producer – David Kershenbaum

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