The Stylistics ‎– Rockin’ Roll Baby (1973)

Rockin’ Roll Baby is the third album by American soul combo The Stylistics, released in 1973 on Avco.

A1. “Only for the Children” (4:38)
A2. “Could This Be the End” (4:09)
A3. “Let Them Work It Out” (3:58)
A4. “Make It Last” (2:59)
A5. “Pay Back Is a Dog” (4:31)
B1. “Love Comes Easy” (4:58)
B2. “There’s No Reason” (3:58)
B3. “Rockin’ Roll Baby” (4:27)
B4. “You Make Me Feel Brand New” (5:20)
B5. “I Won’t Give You Up” (3:38)

Russell Thompkins, Jr. – lead vocals, background vocals
Airrion Love – background vocals, lead vocals on “You Make Me Feel Brand New”
James Smith, Herb Murrell, James Dunn – background vocals
Linda Creed, Barbara Ingram, Evette Benton, Carla Benson – additional background vocals
Norman Harris, Bobby Eli – guitar
Ronnie Baker – bass
Earl Young – drums
Larry Washington – timbales, congas, bongos
Vince Montana – percussion
Thom Bell – keyboards
Joseph DeAngelis, Milton Fipps – French horn
Jack Faith – alto saxophone, flute
John Davis – tenor saxophone, baritone saxophone
Bobby Hartzell, Rocco Bene – trumpet, flugelhorn, piccolo trumpet
Freddy Joiner, Bobby Moore – tenor trombone
Richard Genevese – bass trombone
Walter File – harp
Don Renaldo & His Swinging Strings – strings

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